Festival Hair: This Year's Must-Try Looks

Coachella is just a mere two weeks away, meaning festival season is upon us, people. And with that comes the overwhelming panic about what to wear, and how to style your tresses.  

Getting your hair prepped for spending three days in the desert has its own challenges - especially if you are planning on camping, (I'd rather you than me!) which involves limited, strike that, ZERO access to a shower and a good set of hot tools. 

Last year, the polo fields were dotted with oversized flower crowns, as far as the eye could see. And while this is a great way to hide the third day of dirty desert hair, the new trends for this year are expected to be a little more understated. 

Catwalks in New York, London and Milan all featured a more clean, fresh and earthy look that results in a more "undone" style, according to London and Los Angeles based colorist and style expert Lana Grand

Courtesy of Lana Grand 

Courtesy of Lana Grand 


"We saw a lot of minimal, yet strong accessories. While braids were lose and hair was more natural," she explained to Prete. 

"Try accessories that are more minimal that the heavy flower crowns we've seen in years past. An alternative accessory is a ribbon or colored hair extension folded into a braid." 

Lana also recommends making sure your hair is well prepped and protected, ahead of time. So before hitting the festival fields, run a good heat and sun protector, such as Kerastase Thermique, through your hair to protect it from the elements. 

And while we never leave home without our trusty can of dry shampoo, (we love Batiste) using mousse at the roots and a thickening spray through the mid lengths of your locks will help maintain volume and shape, as well as help stop your hair getting too greasy too quickly. 

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