This Colorful New Hair Trend Is Utterly Weird

Ever seen a hairstyle and though, "Damn, I wish I had the balls to pull that off?" Enter, the creative undercut. 

This new hair trend has begun to populate our Instagram feeds in recent weeks and is causing some serious confusion in the PRÊTE offices. Like, how is this a thing?

This imaginative but kinda creepy new hair trend involves brightly colored hair with hidden, secret shaved undercuts that feature cartoon style patterns and shapes. 

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

The result is a do worthy of an Alice in Wonderland character (the horror movie version) that makes our (well, my) tame 'LA Girl' hair appear wonderfully vanilla. 

Check out some more of these super unusual styles in the gallery below. And sound off in the comments. Would you try this?

All pics courtesy of Instagram.