Team Field Trip To The Orly Nail Polish Factory


Last week our team took a little field trip to the Orly factory in Los Angeles to see what goes into making one of our favorite nail polish brands. 

Orly is a family owned and operated company that has been producing nail care products for over 40 years! Plus, all their products are 100% cruelty free and vegan, which we LOVE! 

To say we were excited about the trip was an understatement. Obviously working at a beauty company, we are all fairly obsessed with products and spend our days discussing, sampling and playing with a huge array of cremes, lotions, sprays, powders and tools. 

Credit: Orly Nails

Credit: Orly Nails

But getting to see how they are actually made was a huge treat. One that embarrassingly made us all regress to squealing teenage girls at the site of all the pigments, mini glass bottles and huge floor to ceiling warehouse space choked full of polish. 

It was a beauty lovers paradise. 

Check out some of the pics we took during the tour below. And you can keep up with all things Orly on their Instagram.