We partner with the best salons in each city to get you blowout appointments whenever you want them.


Our name, PRÊTE ('pret') means "ready" in French. It sounds great off the tongue, but to us, it symbolizes a lot more. 

It's not a secret that we (women) spend a lot of time getting ready before heading out for the day. Though we may want to show up to a meeting or a nice dinner with a dirty bun on the top of our heads, we can't.

Thats why we exist.

We're here to make your life easier and free up - at least- one extra hour where you can enjoy all of the amenities of a salon without spending hundreds of dollars. We're here to give you an hour every week (or however often) that you can recharge, relax and let someone else style your hair while you:

1. Catch up on emails

2. Read a book

3. Scroll through social media

4. Learn a new language

5. Have some champagne and a little "me" time

Whatever you want!

We know an amazing outfit, or a great hair-day can make a big difference in self confidence, so we're committed to making women feel as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside.



We're crazy (in the good way) about our furry friends, so to help put an end to animal cruelty, we donate a portion of all proceeds to the Johns Hopkins University program to end animal testing.

*While we cannot change the way our partner salons purchase product, we do encourage our stylists to use only cruelty free brands like Oribe, Paul Mitchell, Davines and Unite.*

For more info on brands who are cruelty free, click here.



We've been hard at work partnering with some of the most incredible salons & stylists in your city.

Heres how we choose:

We want you to feel great when you walk in for your appointment, so your experience is our 1st priority.

Every salon is hand-picked and pre-vetted by our team of beauty experts.


Product is key! Our partner salons are required to use top-tier, high quality products. No exceptions.

PRÊTE donates to organizations who are trying to stop animal testing in beauty and consumer product industries. 

This goes without saying, but our stylists are good. We mean really, really good.

In addition to finding the best of the best, PRÊTE brings award-winning celeb stylists to share tricks of the trade with our partners for free. Yes, really.